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Tuition Scholarships for Students
Many students at CFI sponsored schools wish to go to school beyond primary school. This is only a dream without financial assistance.  Scholarship donations may be made in any amount. For additional details contact denisehowell@cfikids.com

Make checks out to:  Cornelius Foundation International, 448 Leeds Circle, Carmel, IN  46032
Donations are tax deductible.

Lunch Bag CampaignThis annual campaign raises money for our school  programs. The campaign is currently underway! There is no gift too small and all gifts are greatly appreciated.  Your effort will allow us to sustain our feeding programs, writing programs and scholarship opportunities this school year.

Giving CalendarThe Giving Calendar follows day by day challenges of those who live without resources.  This is a tangible way for your family, Sunday school class, or group to keep the blessings we have in perspective over a 31-day period. It's a LOVE effort!  Email denisehowell@cfikids.com for your copy today.

448 Leeds Circle. Carmel, IN 46032