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Scholarship Application
448 Leeds Circle. Carmel, IN 46032
Dear Applicant,

What an exciting time in your life as you explore the opportunities ahead. The Cornelius
Foundation International, Inc. is an educational foundation based in Carmel, Indiana,
USA. We have been encouraging students and educators in Belize since 1996. One of
the ways we do this is to provide scholarships for students seeking higher education. Our
scholarships are given to students unable to attend without financial assistance.

Attached is an application. A limited amount of scholarships, so not all students
will receive an award. The CFI Scholarship Review Committee will only consider
applications, which meet the CFI deadlines and are filled out completely. Applications
are reviewed two times per year, and they MUST be received prior to the review deadline
dates printed on the application form.

Our donors have high expectation of scholarship winners to maintain good attendance,
better than average grades, and favorable conduct. Such factors are considered by the
committee, upon the renewal of scholarships from term to term.

We wish you the best of luck as you complete your application and essay. Winners
will be notified through their school or directly by mail or email. Please complete the
attached application form and return it by mail to:

Cornelius Foundation International
c/o Officer of Education
161 Hillside Drive, Apt 3
Carmel, IN 46032, USA

Thank You,

Becky Owens
Education Chair
Cornelius Foundation International
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